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Health and Safety

Zecure operates in the health and safety sector and personally, it’s the area I’ve seen technology have the greatest impact in. 

Of course, it’s essential in almost every other sector, however, when it’s somebody’s wellbeing hanging in the balance, I would argue that there’s a little more riding on the implementation of good technology. 

Technology has made an employer’s duty of care somewhat easier. But, as I’ve said before, it’s more than just a duty. Yes, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 covers what you must cover by law, but it’s also important to make sure that your employees feel safe, outside of your basic work requirements. 

In fact, 68% of employees said that too much work hindered productivity.

The rate of injury has decreased

Since functions like ‘man down’, which will notify your emergency contact or workplace if you have an injury at work (for example, if you fell off a building), we have seen a significant drop in this type of injury. 

Since 1990 self-reported musculoskeletal disorder – damage to the skeleton – has dropped by 40%. 

Self-reported non-fatal injuries have also dropped by half since 2000. 

These figures are something that interest me because it goes to show that the industry is doing something right. The biggest change during this time? Technology. 

In fact, here’s another figure for you: fatal workplace injuries are down by 85% since 1974.

The barriers to use

In my article on productivity, I mentioned how not all employers are embracing technology. There will always be people who have a phobia of new things. It’s the way the world works; people are inherently apprehensive over things they don’t know a lot about. 

I do, however, think that personal preference is something that must be put aside in the pursuit of what is best for your business. Sure, technology might not be something you personally work well with, but what’s best for your staff goes far beyond what’s best for you as an individual. 

At the very least, I hope that this can open your eyes to the possibilities technology can offer us. 

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