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How it works?

Zecure platform is designed to protect in two ways:
keeping your employees safe and reducing risks for your company. Zecure can be used by everyone in an organisation, workplace or institution.

It is an employee sentential platform that consists of an admin portal and a Zecure app. An alert will always be captured by the application running in the background.

Zecure Admin Dashboard has customisable features and ensures the well being of employees.

Zecure App contains a range of smart features and raises an alert.

a public signal that staff are valued and cared for.a critical business tool to limit your organisation's employee safety platform designed to deliver for the new world of working.


When a user feels under threat and in danger they can raise an alert simply by shaking their mobile. An alert is sent to the users emergency contacts and 24/7 monitoring centre. Meanwhile recording live audio and video footage which emergency contacts and 24/7 monitoring centre can view.

24/7 Monitoring

We’ve partnered with a dedicated response centre that monitors all alerts raised. The team calls the user whilst assessing audio and video footage from the alert. They are fully trained to escalate alerts to the police or ambulance service, giving users extra support when they need it most.


This allows you to set a route from point A to point B. Once the journey has started it will notify your emergency contacts about that journey, allowing them to track you if needed. When you have arrived at the destination your emergency contact will receive a notification to let them know you are secure.


Meeting Timer

Users can set a meeting timer when going to an unknown location or meeting. When the timer runs out an alert will be raised.

Mass Notifications

Members of staff with admin privileges can send notifications to all employees or selected employees through the app or through text messages with the Zecure portal.


Every situation is different so that’s why you can customise the alarm profiles. Stealth mode can be used when the user doesn’t want their device to show a raised alert. Deterrent mode is best used when the user needs to make a loud noise and to attract attention and warn off any potential attackers.

Bluetooth Wearable

Our wearable button allows users to connect the button to their mobile phone via Bluetooth.


This allows the admins of the portal to tag certain specific regions or areas. This could be where an incident has been reported or occurred.

Friends & Family

Employees have the options to add friends or family members to Zecure. Giving not only themselves the protection of safety but their loved ones too.

Incident Reporting

Used when a user wants to report an incident, such as workplace bullying or even a trip hazard. Incidents are totally customisable and can be set to what you require them to be. Once an incident has been reported, the organisations can also decide what department this should be allocated to so that it can be resolved. Incidents can be submitted anonymously or named, a great tool for users who would like to report a workplace issue but feel unable to do so.


When users set this functionality it will enable Zecure to pick up when an employee falls, is involved in a sudden impact or is even motionless for too long.

Check In Feature

The check-in feature enables employees to quickly touch base with their organisation via a real-time prompt, so employees can quickly indicate if they are okay or need assistance.


Zecure can be branded with your organisation’s logos within the application. This creates a clear safety infrastructure for your business as well as providing you with key statistics and data from app usage.

Zecure In Real Life

24/7 Police Approved Monitoring Service

Your meeting has ended but now you need to get back to the car park. It’s winter and it’s dark and you don’t know the area well. Normally you’d text your boss and tell her you’ll only be 20 minutes but for once she’s not around. What to do? With Zecure you remember you can use Journey Safe. Setting your route, you head off knowing that if something happens a 24/7 police-approved monitoring service is looking out for you. They will be able to see and hear what’s going on and can call the police and get them to your exact spot in double time.

Incident Reporting

Your Brigham office is seeing a spike in the number of sexual harassment reports. Because of its discreet and anonymous nature, you don’t know who has made these reports using Zecure. But you do know that if you don’t do something soon it could end up being a whole lot worse and so, making some enquiries, you find that a new manager has been appointed recently. Time to take action . . .

Instant Alarm

Some of your employees have said they are constantly looking over their shoulders when walking to meetings. Their first reaction is to grab their phone when they feel someone is too close behind them. Here an Instant Alarm can be discreetly raised in Stealth mode, alerting the police-approved 24/7 emergency response centre and capturing all the audio and video if necessary.

Bluetooth Wearables

You have gone into a meeting and put down the bag containing your phone in the corner. As the meeting progresses you start to feel increasingly unsafe but can’t get to your phone without attracting attention. Luckily you have a Bluetooth Wearable on your belt allowing you to raise an alarm in the same way as with your phone.

Duress Pin

You have found yourself in a situation where you have raised an alarm and the perpetrator knows. You are forced to cancel the alert but are still in danger. The duress pin in this instance should be used. The App will return to the login screen appearing as though the alert has been cancelled. The alert is escalated and the camera and microphone continue to record.

Journey Tracking

You are in a taxi en route to a meeting, in an area you haven’t been to before. You’re feeling rather anxious and uneasy about the location and the driver. You don’t want to call or worry anyone just in case there’s no need. Instead, you use journey tracking on your Zecure app. It follows your journey live sending your location to your chosen friends and family.


Our customer support teams are based in the UK ready to respond to incoming calls, emails and online chats, providing daily technical support for service- and system-related queries.

We have a 24/7 support portal which is available to all customers and we have strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place to ensure we provide the most efficient support possible.

Within the business, these teams are the experts on our products, systems, and services. If you have any issues with your device, the portal or any of our systems, we will work with you to resolve them.