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I’m going to ask you a seemingly simple question; does your workplace technology empower your employees? 

You might wonder why this is such an important question. Would anybody really describe workplace technology as empowering? Perhaps not. But, it really can be. 

Technology that works and serves its purpose makes employees feel that the world is their oyster. Their jobs feel easier, they feel safer and they – in turn – they perform better. 

What you might not know about employees, is that they expect the technology they use at work to reflect the technology they use at home. It should be slick, speedy and, most likely, app based. 

A recent study found that only half of workplace employers could be described as “technology leaders” and the rest, well, they’re all lagging far behind. 

And guess what? Of those who are lagging behind, 58% of their employees had negative feelings towards their employers. Perhaps technology really does equal empowerment.

No disruption

Empowering technology doesn’t disrupt the flow of our days. We don’t have to spend precious time trying to log onto an ageing system or mark ourselves safe on a job by calling a hotline. 

Technology that empowers should fit into your day. It’s pressing a button on your phone to let your emergency contact know you arrived at your destination safely. It’s being able to simple shake your phone to let your employer know you’re in an emergency situation. 

Unresponsive technology doesn’t just make your employees frustrated, in some careers in makes them feel unsupported should an emergency situation rear its head. 

Not all technology is right for your business

There’s such a thing as over-engineering your technology. Just because it’s new, doesn’t make it right for your business. 

A recent Forbes survey uncovered that whilst 48% of employers believed they were providing employees with the apps they want, only 28% of employees agreed. 

Focusing on what your employees are saying is a great place to start. The newest, shiniest app might look appealing, but what is it doing? Is it filling a real need of your employees? If not, then is it worth investing in? 

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