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The world of work has changed.
How do you protect your staff?

Who is Zecure for?Why Zecure?

The world of work has changed.
How do you protect your staff?

Zecure is a police-approved personal safety platform that helps your employees feel safer whilst helping employers with recruitment, retention, absenteeism and risk.

Zecure was created with one purpose; that anybody, anywhere should feel safe. With working from home becoming much more commonplace, the way in which companies keep their employees safe has to adjust.

The 24-hour monitoring service is designed to protect both the employer and the employee. The affordable Zecure service has a range of smart features and intelligent services that helps keep every employee safe while working.

Based around a sophisticated app, the service allows employees to obtain the help they need – including from the emergency services – at any time. For employers, a range of enhanced services allows you to understand your workforce better and communicate with them quicker.

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74% of employees are looking for greater benefits from their employer. Promoting a culture of safety shows you care beyond the 9-5.


A happier workplace environment can increase workplace retention by 45%. With 21% of employees reporting workplace safety concerns.


In 2021, absenteeism cost UK businesses £43 billion. Bullying in the workplace is made harder with Zecure, a direct benefit to employee absence.


Businesses using Zecure are liable to be judged more favourably. Showing you care sends a big message to potential customers about the type of business you are.

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