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Who's it for?

Zecure platform is designed to protect in two ways:
keeping your employees safe and reducing risks for your company.


74% of employees are wanting more benefits in the workplace. Zecure shows you’re a proactive employer, thinking of solutions before problems arise. Encompassing everyone within the business rather than selected individuals shows the wider workforce you care about the well-being and sentinel of every employee. Implementing Zecure promotes a culture of safety. Showing your potential employees you care about them not just in their standard 9-5 hours.


Creating a happier workplace environment can increase workplace retention by 45%. Enabling employees to anonymously report circumstances of bullying within the workplace promotes a positive workplace culture. Sentinal can be the missing piece in HR when it comes to retention. 21% of employees have personal safety concerns whilst working or outside of work. Zecure provides employees with the peace of mind that they can be safe anywhere at any time.


In 2021, absenteeism cost UK businesses £43 billion. Bullying in the workplace is made harder with Zecure, a direct benefit to employee absence. The direct cost of absenteeism is a decrease in business productivity, which then reduces revenues and profits. Bullying can be a reason why an employee is absent, bullying can take place in the workplace, in person, or online. In fact, many bullies suddenly feel a lot braver when they can target people through a computer. Separate illness-related absence from absence because illness-related absence is unavoidable unlike absence due to unhappy employees.


Businesses using Zecure are liable to be judged more favourably. Showing you care sends a big message to potential customers about the type of business you are. Knowing that your employees have the tools to protect themselves is the first step in ensuring their safety. With Zecure you have reduced risks to your company by ensuring every employee is protected. Show the wider business community and authorities you’re doing your best as an employer to protect your employees.

Zecure is used by everyone in an organisation, workplace or business. It is an employee Sentinal platform that consists of an admin portal and a Zecure app. An alert will always be captured by the application running in the background.

Zecure Admin Dashboard has customisable features and ensures the well being of employees.

Zecure App contains a range of smart features and raises an alert.

Watch our co-founder and CEO, Mikkel Dissing talk about Zecure

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