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Duty Of Care And Compliance In The Workplace

Defining an employer’s duty of care can be a challenge. It’s a topic I’ve discussed, at length, with business leaders working in a variety of industries.
One of the key questions that comes out of these discussions is; how do you ensure you’re always compliant in an ever changing technological world?

Some would argue that technology has hindered compliance and that it has blurred the lines of what constitutes as ‘duty of care’.

I prefer to reframe it as an opportunity. In my experience, technology has made the employer’s duty of care to its staff a lot more streamlined. It has also allowed employers to remain compliant without having to employ a team of people to ensure that compliancy is met.

For me, both duty of care and compliance fall into three categories; health, safety and wellbeing.

Demonstrating a genuine care for your employees shouldn’t be seen as a chore that is only taking place so you can tick a box and remain compliant.

With that in mind, I would argue that technology has also helped to build bridges between the employees and their bosses. As a result of bosses being more easily accessible, the them vs. us mentality is beginning to disintegrate (thankfully) from workplaces.

Zecure encompasses my three pillars of compliance; health, safety and wellbeing.

The technology has helped to take away the countless hours spent filling in forms and calling up manned hotlines to mark yourself as safe if you’re working a job alone.

Employees can even send a link to a pre-determined emergency contact to let them know they’re moving from A to B. If there’s an emergency, they can signal to let you know.

For me, it’s the peace of mind that matters. As I mentioned, duty of care isn’t just about filling out a form because it’s your legal duty. It’s about knowing that you are genuinely doing the best you can by your staff.

Technology has allowed that to happen.

Raphael Polt

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