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Duty of Care

In the past, We’ve explored how some people believe that technology has hindered compliance and that it has blurred the lines of what constitutes ‘duty of care’.

We’ve explained how we believed the evolution of technology has presented us with opportunities to streamline an employer’s duty of care. Now, we’re going to hone in on that point in a little more detail, as it’s something that we witness daily.

Pre-technology, ensuring your company was being compliant in the realms of safety, health and well being meant filling in pages of forms just to ensure you’ve ticked the boxes.

People who may have chosen a career in health and safety to genuinely help people were becoming bogged down in the minutiae of pencil pushing in order to show compliance. 

As technology advances, this industry is able to spend more face-to-face time with its employees. Demonstrating a duty of care is no longer just about filling in a form and sending it to head office, it’s about speaking to employees and seeking out potential issues before they arise. 

The streamlined approach technology offers the health and safety industry has made way for this. It’s interesting that, in this circumstance, technology has allowed us to communicate more.

Let’s look at lone workers as a prime example of this. Before technology, they would have to call up a manned hotline in order to mark themselves as safe while out alone on a job. 

The person at the other end of the phone would then have to record this on a form and file it. There’s room for error in this approach. 

However, with the introduction of Zecure, lone workers can now mark themselves as safe. This information will feedback automatically to the company and log on the system. 

Lone workers can even send a link to a pre-determined emergency contact to let them know they’re moving from A to B. If there’s an emergency, they can signal to let them know. 

This frees up health and safety workers time to focus on wellness initiatives, speak to people directly and implement change. They can do this safe in the knowledge that their workers are receiving the best and safest form of care.

Join us as we delve into the challenges this era of digital disruption will create and look for those all important opportunities to diversify into new areas ahead of the curve.

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