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If you’ve read my introduction to the evolution of technology as well as how I believe it’s impacting employer’s duty of care then you’ll know the positive impact I believe technology has had on society. 

It’s no secret that it’s a valuable asset to any company. Today, I’d like to delve into how I believe technology has positively influenced our efficiency and productivity and how adopting the latest technological advances can bolster your performance in your industry. 

Employee productivity has been declining for the past decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

You might ask why this is happening when technology is meant to be there to help employee productivity. The statistics show that the reason behind this is because people are bombarded with too much work and simply don’t have enough time to meet demands.

In fact, 68% of employees said that too much work hindered productivity.

Say goodbye to the hustle


Luckily, we’re coming out of the #hustle trend. People don’t want to work all night and at the weekends and they’re becoming more privy to their mental health and the wellbeing of themselves and their families. 

That’s exactly why 50% of the workforce in the UK will be freelancers by 2020, according to the Office of National Statistics. 

With that in mind, a slow-working approach is emerging. Employers and employees alike want to make their lives easier. They want technology to work for them, so that they can spend quality time away from work without having to get the Sunday dread at the amount of work they’ll come back to on a Monday morning. 

That’s where technology comes in


It’s there to make our lives easier. Zecure – like many other apps – was born out of a desire to fill a hole in the market. There was a realisation that safety management needed to be improved. 

The industry was suffering from arduous pen pushing and note taking. If a lone worker wanted to mark themselves as ‘safe’, they had to call a hotline and wait to be put through. At the other end of the manned phone, somebody would have to physically mark them as safe. 

Apps and productivity tools haven’t just improved productivity of the individual, they’ve helped companies focus on realms of their businesses which just weren’t possible to explore before due to the amount of resources going into archaic processes.



Being a sustainable business is essential in current times. It’s not enough just to appear to be sustainable, for the collective conscious of your business, everybody should be taking action to improve. 

Technology helps that. It stops the manual process of tracking time using a time sheet or printing off an email just so you have a record of it. 

Another sustainable way of working is to encourage remote working – therefore cutting down on the emissions caused by the commute. 

Technology makes your business ready for remote working. I mentioned earlier that 50% of the workforce would be freelancing by 2020. Is your business ready for that kind of leap? 

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