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An Introduction

It’s easy to assume that the term ‘digital disruption’ is a negative one. The word disruption conjures up an image of workplace difficulties and extra hours spent heading off a perceived attack on your business.

In fact, the digital disruption seen across all industries represents an abundance of opportunity. It gives your business the platform to evolve in ways you may not have considered.

For those of us who don’t embrace it, though, it represents the risk factor of getting left behind, of being described as ‘set in your ways’ or referred to as a ‘business dinosaur’.

The next six articles will explore the key areas of business; duty of care, productivity, diversity and inclusion, empowerment and health and safety.

Each article will delve into the complexities facing these sections of business and look at how each area is evolving.

Remote Working


According to the Office Of National Statistics, 50% of the UK’s workforce will work remotely by 2020.

I read that statistic for the first time in 2012. Then, it seemed almost impossible to imagine. Now, looking at the trajectory that home working has had in the past 6-7 years, it’s entirely feasible, if not a modest projection.

This is a business lesson that should never be ignored. New ways of working evolve quicker than we can imagine and the only way to get ahead is to prepare, even if you have reservations about the viability of what you’re preparing for.

Nowadays, if your business doesn’t have a website, you are significantly behind the times. A mere ten years ago, business leaders might’ve scoffed at the idea of a page on the internet.

Times are changing, and if you’re not ahead, you’re behind.

Business Evolution


We’ve put together a host of articles for you to help you evolve in a digital era. It will lay out some of the challenges you might see in the next ten years and look at ways in which you can combat those in a swift, cost-effective manner.

Technology is reshaping the global workforce. It has given us the flexibility to take our lives back for our own. Now, working from home isn’t just a pipe dream afforded to the lucky ones amongst us. It’s there for the taking — if you want it.

Right now, video calls, personal security apps, accessible WiFi and the rise of platforms like Slack and Trello have made working from home a reality for millions of people.

Join us as we delve into the challenges this era of digital disruption will create and look for those all important opportunities to diversify into new areas ahead of the curve.

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