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There’s a connection between productivity and workplace safety that has continued to gain momentum over recent years. This is particularly prevalent in areas where safety outside of the office is often thrown into question. For example, in areas of high-crime, when a person is working unsupervised or as a lone worker.

Safety is productivity

For many business owners, safety and productivity do not go hand in hand. After all, many employers assume that safety processes take time and effort to implement and therefore decrease productivity.

This assumption is incorrect. Numerous studies, spanning various industries, have found that employees who feel secure in their environments are more productive employees.

Rockwell Automation’s Safety Maturity Index is a great example of this. It measures manufacturers’ performance in three critical areas; culture, compliance and capital. The data found that the most efficient companies in the manufacturing industry also achieved the lowest injury rate.

Technology and productivity

And of course, it’s key to note that a lot of safety processes can now be done technologically, making the employers’ life exponentially easier.

Gone are the days when safety processes involved week-long conferences. Employees can be on-boarded onto safety apps in a matter of minutes with instructions available to them if and when they need them. This limits downtime and doesn’t impact productivity.

Apps, particularly in the case of lone workers, actually save the employer time. The latest technology in safety apps, such as Zecure, will keep the lone worker safe with very little human intervention required. This means that employees don’t have to waste their working hours phoning up the office to mark themselves as safe.

Most importantly, such technology will keep your employees secure, meaning less injury and a decreased risk of them coming into harm.

Safety as a driver for productivity

The research found that, in fact, manufacturers can use safety as a productivity driver. By investing in keeping their worker’s safe, they won’t only attract more employees, but they’ll also drive their productivity once they’re working for the company.

This train of thought spans across a whole host of industries. A recent study found that not only are workplace accidents and incidents bad for the individual, they’re bad for business. Workplace morale takes a serious dip at companies where accidents are frequent.

The link between safety and productivity has been debunked time and time again, proving that there really is no better time to invest in the future of business.

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