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Lapses in health and safety can have serious consequences for businesses and workers. Fortunately, there is a range of tech on the market to enable businesses to stay on top of their health and safety obligations.

Easier, more accurate monitoring

Technology makes it easy to record everyone who enters and leaves the workplace automatically. Coupled with check-in technology and access controls, businesses can know exactly who is on their premises at any given time. In an emergency such as a fire, this data can save lives and keep everyone safer.

As per the UK government guidance (, 2020), employers are responsible for fire safety within their business premises. Business owners or individual managers may be designated as the “responsible person” under UK law. The responsible person is legally responsible for conducting fire risk assessments and ensuring that their staff have the information and training they need to keep their colleagues safe from fires.

Aerial surveys

Drones were once the purview of science fiction, then top-secret military projects. Today, drones are affordable and accessible to most people and businesses. The potential uses for drone technology are virtually limitless, even in a civilian context.

One of the most popular uses for drones is photography. Mounting a camera to a drone is easy, and there are even drones that can carry a smartphone to use as a camera. With this technology, businesses can easily survey their entire properties from above. Whether the goal is to spot intruders or to ensure that lone workers are safe, drones make it easy to survey large areas quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined reporting

Any business that wants to maintain a safe and welcoming workplace environment needs to provide their workers with a simple system for reporting their health and safety concerns. Zecureapp is a personal safety app businesses can issue to their employees, enabling them to quickly and easily report any concerns they have about workplace health and safety. Not only does our app enable them to raise an alert if they or someone else is in danger, but it also automatically records video and audio, as well as alerting the emergency services.

Every business should be taking its health and safety commitments seriously. The technologies outlined above can all help in the pursuit of this goal., Fire safety in the workplace, 2020.