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Mobile phones have long been a part of a wider public health debate. Whether it’s theories surrounding mobile phone signals or the amount of time people spend on their devices, a significant amount of time has been spent on wondering what mobile devices mean for people’s health in the long run.

One major question surrounds eyesight and posture. People that are stuck to their desk throughout the day are much more likely to develop joint problems and may need eye tests to ensure that they are able to work at their best, especially through prolonged shifts. Issues like RSI (or repetitive strain injury) are one of the major problems that can plague office employees for the rest of their careers (leading to over 5 million sick days in a year[1]), which may only be made worse by the advancing tide of reliance upon computing technologies.

Further benefits to employees that stem from technology can include improvements to mental health. Communication and collaboration applications can bring a workplace together. As the work-from-home period has proven, long-distance communication is incredibly important for employees. It can keep morale high, and by keeping mental health intact your employees can be in a better position to look after themselves physically too.

Another technological advancement that may prove to be highly beneficial is the Zecure app. The employee protection app is offered to employees who may be prone to accidents, violence, and even workplace anxiety. Employees can raise an alert if they are in danger, with features able to record audio and give video evidence immediately. The emergency services can even be contacted through the app. Any risk to your employees becomes significantly mitigated by advances such as this, which provide a greater level of safety in environments such as warehouses, and on a shop floor.

Ultimately, where many people may worry about the impact of technology on health and safety, there are many ways that recent advances can drive health and safety policies forwards. If you’re interested in the Zecure app, get in touch for more information about how your company could benefit.

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