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Every business has an obligation to ensure its staff, customers, and visitors’ safety and well-being. Lapses in workplace health and safety can have serious financial and legal repercussions for businesses. Fortunately, fostering a safe working environment doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three simple ways of improving worker safety in your business.

Make your policies clear

If you want to maintain a high standard of health and safety in your business, you need your employees on your side. If they aren’t taking the issue seriously, standards will soon drop, and lapses are inevitable.

But you can’t expect your workforce to figure everything out for themselves; they will require guidance from management. You need to provide them with clear and unambiguous information regarding your health and safety policies and procedures. You also need to ensure that health and safety training is part of any new staff orientation process.

Acknowledge and reward safe behaviour

Many lapses in workplace health and safety occur because workers become complacent. It is easy for this to happen when they aren’t being given any positive reinforcement for their efforts to help maintain a safe working environment. Acknowledging when your staff are making an effort to ensure they live up to your expectations will keep them motivated and reinforce the importance you place on a safe workplace.

Invest in technology

There is a range of technology on the market today that businesses can use to improve workplace safety in various ways. From making it easier for their workers to report any concerns they have to recording incidents more easily and reliably, technology has an important role to play in helping businesses maintain a high standard of health and safety within their organisation.

The Zecure personal safety app is an invaluable tool for employee protection and risk mitigation. Once businesses distribute the app to their workers, it’s easy for employees to raise the alarm if they find themselves in danger. The app will record audio and video evidence and call the emergency services automatically.

With the right technology on your side, keeping your workers safe is much easier.

Ensuring the safety of everyone in your business doesn’t have to be difficult. The key to workplace health and safety is making sure your staff understand their role in achieving it and providing them with the information and tools they need to do their bit.