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Every employer has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of every single one of their workers, and you can achieve this by integrating health and safety technology into the workplace. There are innumerable benefits to these technologies – not only do they ensure that your staff’s needs are accommodated, but we all know that employees work at their best when they feel safe.

With the pandemic accelerating the growth of the digital age like never before, your company must be able to keep up and employ the best in health and safety technology solutions. Here is just a small selection of the technological ventures that could help boost your business’s health and safety.

Posture tracking

Poor posture remains a significant issue in the workplace – and one that could be worsened when someone is working from home without an ergonomic chair. Statistics indicate that 19% of (non-fatal) workplace injuries across Great Britain are down to improper handling (1), and better posture can solve much of this.

There have been multiple solutions for this issue, from personal sensors to lightweight exoskeletons. If your workplace has an issue with poor posture, it would be worth looking into a solution for this.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology can take many different forms, and they typically employ sensors to track the health and environment of the wearer. This can mean monitoring their heart rate and even blood pressure to check stress levels or sampling the air quality or outside temperature to ensure that they are working in good conditions.

With workplace stress as prominent as it is (especially in recent years), this could be an efficient way of making sure your workers are not under too much pressure. That being said, these features can raise privacy concerns, and measures taken to combat stress could be meaningless if the measures themselves create anxiety.

Online training

Depending on the work your company does, you may be able to take its health and safety training online. This could be more convenient for your business, eliminating the need for a training day (or two) that have to be negotiated with the entire team.

By strictly monitoring this, you can also make sure that nobody skips out on the required exercises. For many sectors, this training can work just as well as the physical equivalent, and you can devise tests to ensure that everyone has retained what they learned.

Workplace safety apps

There are several apps available online which can help you to track the health and safety of an employee. Such apps let users monitor the journeys they take as part of their role – and in a troubling situation, an alert can be raised, whereupon audio-visual footage is recorded and distributed to the team’s relevant emergency contact.

Zecure is one such app trusted by companies worldwide (such as British Airways and Samsung) to monitor employee safety. If you would like more information on this service, then do not hesitate to contact us today, or even start a free trial.

1: Health and Safety Executive (2020), Non-fatal injuries at work in Great Britain, available at: (accessed: 1 September 2021).