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Ensuring a safe workforce is no easy matter, but established health and safety procedures are an excellent foundation. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that staff will not follow procedures, which can lead to the risk of serious injury or hazards developing in the workplace.

To combat this, it is vital that you nurture the right mentality in the workplace around health and safety. Not only can this lower the risk of accidents at work, but it encourages your workforce to take care of themselves, their colleagues and the tools they are using. From a more rigorous system for logging accidents to being more observant of potential workplace threats, having your staff promote health and safety can be a huge benefit.

In this article, we are going to offer some top tips that will help you encourage health and safety compliance in the workplace.

Show, don’t tell

One of the best ways to encourage health and safety compliance at work is to show them how it’s done yourself. Lead by example and follow health and safety procedures to the letter, just as you would expect staff to follow procedure. Speak with management and ensure that they are also doing all that they can to lead by example.

If a member of staff watches a superior comply with health and safety procedures, they are much more likely to do so. So get the ball rolling from the top and ensure that the higher-ups are all following health and safety procedures to the letter.

Offer training and refresher courses

It is important that staff are given the facilities to properly learn about health and safety, as well as offer refresher courses to remind and update them on any changes. Adequate training is a must-have for most companies, and if you are looking to encourage compliance in health and safety, these training courses are the best place to do that.

Courses for health and safety can occur on a scheduled basis so that everyone is kept up to speed with the latest procedures. The time spent training staff correctly will make sure that everyone is kept informed and has the required knowledge to stay safe.

Encourage open communication

Your workforce will be dealing with health and safety issues on a daily basis, so it’s important to take any of their insights on board. This can help you create a more effective framework for health and safety compliance, as it will address any of the concerns that your staff are dealing with regularly.

Open dialogue is a good approach to finding out about any issues with the current health and safety procedures, and it will make staff feel valued and listened to. There are lots of ways to facilitate this, from questionnaires to monthly meetings where you speak with the team. Ultimately, it should be about creating an open line of communication to help you better understand health and safety issues at work.

Provide health and safety resources

To make sure that your staff are informed about health and safety practices, they should have multiple resources made available to them. The correct equipment, manuals and training will need to be provided to all staff, as it will encourage a more safety-minded approach to work.

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