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Maintaining good health and safety in the workplace improves performance and ensures that all staff are safe while working. There are always ways that you can improve health and safety at work, so we are going to outline 5 tips to keep you and your staff safe while working.

Perform risk assessments regularly

Risk assessments are an excellent way to decide whether your workplace is safe enough to work in, as well as highlighting any potential dangers that might cause an accident.

Identifying the risks is only half of the battle, though. You will also need to proactively address any of these challenges. This includes recording all findings before alerting the company of any changes to policy or procedure.

Maintain staff training

All members of staff are required to receive adequate training for their duties at work, which would include health and safety advice to keep them safe while they work. There are lots of different courses and seminars available to professionally deliver training to staff, it will just be a matter of deciding what best suits your needs.

Make sure that no member of staff is left behind and that the training provided encapsulates all roles in the workplace. Failing to properly train all staff puts you at risk of breaking the Health and Safety Act.

Keep staff informed about any changes to policy or procedure

In order to maintain a good standard of health and safety in the workplace, it is vital that every member of staff is informed of any changes to policy or procedure. Let them know of any upcoming changes to things like fire drills or risks in the workplace to make sure that they know all of the company protocols.

A good idea is to carry out most of this during the on-boarding process for new-starts, as it covers all the essential information at the beginning of their time in the company. Be mindful that if any policies change, you will need to inform all members of staff regarding the update.

Thoroughly investigate accidents or incidents

If there is an accident or incident at work, it is crucial that a full investigation is carried out to address what happened. A good investigation will be able to address the cause of the incident and steps can be taken to remedy the problem.

Support good mental health practices at work

Mental health problems are quickly emerging as one of the biggest contributors to sick days in the UK. To combat this, employers should support good mental health practices such as creating an open space to discuss issues with stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

Maintaining a safe working environment increases morale and productivity in staff and it ensures their wellbeing while at work. The above tips are a great place to start when trying to create a safer workplace for staff, but it is important that you remain proactive when assessing risks at work to keep everyone as safe as possible.

If you are looking to innovate how staff are protected in the workplace, contact our team at Zecure today to discuss our employee safety solutions.

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