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A parent’s role will often involve a lot of worry, with much of it focused on the welfare of their children. Regardless of how old children are, parents and carers will be keen to ensure that there are safeguards in place should the worst-case scenario occur.

Checking in with children has been made easier thanks to the advancements of smartphones and the Internet, but they’re still not the perfect solution for ensuring people remain safe on campus, meaning that an alternative staff safety solution must be found.

Fortunately, the use of apps has become commonplace meaning that there is an app for every type of task, be it online banking or posting on social media.
As such, it should come as no surprise that there is now a personal safety app for students that can keep track of those on campus and includes a slew of features to ensure that even if something does happen there is an instant notification.

What is Zecure?

Zecure is a turnkey solution that can be tailored to work within any setting, including campuses. Any organisation can create a dashboard and accompanying app that is fully branded. As the app will allow for a mass of data to be analysed, there is no need for communications to be made using other platforms.

Why Use Zecure?

When it comes to personal safety there are several options available. However, those looking for true peace-of-mind will want to ensure that the solution they’re using allows for intervention should the need arise.

There can be a lot that occurs in a day and checking in with children using conventional methods can be problematic.

The Zecure platform has safety at the forefront of its operations, meaning that there are a series of features to ensure personal safety is always possible via the Zecure campus safety app.

These features include a journey planning feature that alerts nominated contacts of any issues that should arise in real-time. There is also alert management features that can be activated which activates the user’s camera and feeds information back to the dashboard.

Further Benefits

The benefits outlined already are normally enough for a campus to employ the use of an app that can help safeguard students and ensure peace-of-mind is present. However, the Zecure solution goes one step further in that it offers incident intelligence.

This allows a campus to be more pro-active in its own safety measures, and the use of real data ensures it can give an overview of a user’s common location. This allows attention to be focused on areas of interest and to apply additional safety measures should they be required.

Campuses do a lot of work to ensure students are safe but not everyone can be proactive when it comes to stopping incidents.

The Zecure platform allows institutions to instill a truly bespoke campus safety app that is reliable, cost-effective and most importantly, designed to safeguard people in vulnerable situations.

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