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The role of a lone worker can come in many guises. In some instances, it could be on behalf of a health service or medical professional, whereas others could be arranging a house sale or meeting potential clients.

Of course, every step needs to be taken when it comes to safeguarding the lone worker, but it’s important that the steps taken are going to be of benefit should the worst-case scenario occur.

Although there are several steps that can be taken to ensure lone workers are kept safe, only a solution that offers real-time updates can offer the peace-of-mind that lone workers and their employers are looking for.

Not all businesses are familiar with a lone worker safety solution app, but it can be the ideal accompaniment to the current safety measures a business has already instilled.

Where Zecure Fits In

Just as lone workers will want to remain safe, the business that employs them will also want to ensure that measures are in place should anything go wrong.

Zecure is a bespoke platform that bridges the gap between smartphones and safeguarding. Although there are many apps available that can aid people in safeguarding employees, they often come with limitations.

For example, should a situation arise, it can be difficult for the person to make a phone call to alert others. However, using a dedicated staff safety solution ensures that alerting nominated parties isn’t an issue.

The Zecure solution can offer the following features to lone workers to ensure they’re safe and have a means of contact should the situation change.


The Journey feature allows a business to set a start and end point for the employee and alerts the nominated parties once the lone worker has arrived at their destination safely.


The Meeting feature allows those attending an appointment to set a timer. Should the user attending the appointment not make it known they are safe once the timer runs out, then notifications will be forwarded to the relevant parties.

Mass Notification

When alerting nominated users, communication is of the utmost importance. This is why the Zecure platform sends alerts via several channels, including email and SMS.

Alert Management

Despite all the measures a company can take to safeguard its employees, there can be times when unforeseen circumstances occur. The Zecure app offers a simple and straightforward alert features that lets the company know there is an issue in seconds.

Zecure Allows Businesses to Become Pro-Active

Although no one can foresee incidents, the use of Zecure does aid a business in making duty-of-care safety adjustments to ensure that shortfalls in safeguarding are recognised sooner rather than later.

Not only does Zecure offer the perfect staff communication solution, it also allows business to gather data that will highlight areas that may need adjusting moving forward.

Those looking for a reliable worker tracking solution that can be installed easily on smartphones and deliver in-depth data that supports the safety aspect of any business, then you need look no further than the Zecure turnkey staff safety solution.

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