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Zecure- Your Personal Security and the New GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

Here at Zecure, we take all aspects of personal security and data protection very seriously indeed. That is why we aim to ensure that you, our customers, retain full control with regards to how we collect, store, and use your personal information under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). However, we also recognise the importance of drawing your attention to how crucial it is to your personal security that we are able to retain that information and use it in accordance with our security application.

Helping you to avoid a potential clash of interest

An integral part of the Zecure system is how it utilises our user’s personal details to identify you to your “emergency contacts” or (in some instances) local security and the police. Under the new GDPR, users are at liberty to request that anyone holding their personal details should stop using them and even permanently delete them from their database.

Zecure, is, of course, fully compliant with all aspects of the GDPR and as such, we fall under its legislative remits. In this article, we will explain more about your rights and our obligations under the rules and outline why it is so crucial to the delivery of our services for our users to allow us continued access to certain personal details and that of their emergency contacts. We further aim to assure you that we will only use your data in connection with the services that we provide as set out in our terms and conditions and privacy policy documents.

Your rights under the GDPR

As of May 25th, 2018, EU citizens have expanded rights to any personal information (data) that is held by business and organisations. This could be for anything from information that an employer holds concerning you as an employee or information that has been collected by a business or organisation in connection with the services it provides.

Individuals (data subjects) are now entitled to gain access to not just the information itself, they are also permitted to request the details of how such data is stored and used. Further, businesses and organisations are only allowed to use such information for the express purposes that were outlined (and agreed to) at the time. That is the time that you (the data subject) gave your fully informed consent for it to be collected, stored, and utilised as outlined.

Our obligations to you under the GDPR

Along with all other businesses that hold your data, Zecure has specific legal obligations and responsibilities within the remit of the GDPR. These include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring that we only collect, hold, and /or utilise data where you have given your informed consent for us to do so
  • Complying with your request to access your personal data and even have it removed
  • To stop using your data if you should request us to do so
  • Not to share your data unless we have gained your consent to do so for any specific reasons
  • To make every effort to keep your data safe and report any “data breaches” within the timeframes specified by the regulations

While the above only serves as a brief summary of those obligations and not an exhaustive interpretation of the GDPR, more comprehensive information can be found on the EU’s official pages at

Why we need your informed consent to hold and store some personal information?

Without your consent to collect, store, and use your data, we (the data controller) will not be able to continually provide you with the full range of services available through Zecure. Our controllers are unable to provide the full benefits of our services and afford users the maximum of assistance from their “emergency contacts” or the controllers monitoring their alerts without such data.

This is the information that we hold about you and may include a physical description needed to aid anyone who is sent or alerted to assist you in a threat situation. Users of Zecure can be further assured that we do not hold “sensitive” information but only that which is essential to delivering our services. The full details of what we need your personal data for, how we use it, and our terms of service can be found on our terms and conditions and privacy policy pages.

Providing our users with continuous service within the remit of the GDPR

While the GDPR allows our users at any time to withdraw their consent for us to continue using their data, it should be understood that in doing so they will no longer benefit from our full range of services. By consenting to our collection, storage, and use of their data, users are able to access and benefit from the range of services that our app provides.

All round peace of mind

Users of the Zecure app can be confident that not only does it provide an effective means of personal protection, the data that we collect and use is also kept safe and that is one less thing to worry about. Our app was created to help keep individuals safe through alerting their “emergency contacts”, monitoring their location, and recording specific events. To carry out and process such operations it is essential that our controllers have access to certain personal information for no other purpose than to keep our users safe and to fulfil the optimum role of our security application.

Working together to keep both you and your personal data safe

While there has been a great deal of hype and controversy around the new GDPR and how it is likely to affect both businesses and individuals, Zecure is committed to ensuring that we conform in every way. By working together with our users within the GDPR remit, we are confident that we are able to provide outstanding services whilst keeping your personal data safe and secure.

Contact us now to discover how Zecure can enhance personal safety for you, those you care about, and even employees in a diverse range of professions.