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Health is one of the key indicators for a happy and productive life. As employers, it is not only your own health that you have to be concerned with but also your employees’.

The benefits of wearable technology

Wearable technology can help to monitor your employees’ health and safety, allowing you to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and retain staff.

With any data gathering technology, we have to be aware of privacy issues. Individual data collected on your staff must remain private, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have actionable data. The aggregate data you collect can inform you about what decision will make improvements within your workplace. It might suggest that you need more flexible hours, or to put up signs encouraging workers to get up and walk around the office once an hour. The individual data collected will still have a positive effect on your workplace.

Personalised health and wellbeing

A recent survey suggested that 45% of people would use wearable technology to help improve health and wellbeing in their workplace if the employer provided the device. Encouraging or providing wearable technology to your staff gives them access to their own health data, nudging them to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. If they can easily see their health metrics either on a device or via a personal safety app, then they will often take proactive steps to improve the situation with no intervention from management.

Preventative action

With employees empowered to take reasonability for their own health and wellbeing, it encourages a preventative rather than reactive approach. This moves the emphasis of risk mitigation from the employer to the employee. If staff only take action to improve their health after a problem arises, then it is too late, and they and your business will suffer.

By being able to monitor simple data trends such as hourly steps taken or heart rate variability in real-time, people will naturally want to address imbalances before they cause a decline in health and wellbeing. The information provided by the wearable technology will motivate staff to achieve personal health goals, benefitting not only themselves but also the business.

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