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London Tech Firm Protects Businesses From COVID-19 Threat

The personal security market is one of the few industries experiencing an increase in demand following the outbreak of COVID-19. One beneficiary of this demand is Zecure, a world-class personal security application built and managed by leading UK tech firm, PanicGuard.

In addition to providing its core application and services to customers, Zecure is joining the global fight against COVID-19 by offering its innovative and world-class communications and security platform to businesses for free.

Launched this week, the new Zecure Crisis Communication Platform (‘CCP’) gives users the ability to update their employer with their health status, identify high-risk COVID-19 areas by viewing locations on heat maps, and enables employers to communicate changes in policy quickly and easily to all employees instantly.

The app is designed to help employees who are required to travel to a place of work during the pandemic, such as nurses, care workers, delivery drivers and cashiers, as well as those working from home.

Founder and CEO, Mikkel Dissing, said “the key to keeping employees safe and businesses running during the COVID-19 pandemic is for companies to have fast and effective communication with their teams. In a crisis like this, information needs to be shared quickly and accurately with large numbers of people. We are proud that a British business like ours is able to make a contribution to fight this awful pandemic.”

As well as providing businesses with Zecure CCP, the company is also using its technology to help tackle the surge in domestic violence stemming from COVID-19 isolation. The company has a longstanding relationship with the Hollie Gazzard Trust and provides the platform for the well-known Hollie Guard application.

Zecure said in a statement that it aims to do all it can to help fight the new and heightened threats we are facing as a nation at work and at home as a result of COVID-19.


Zecure, part of the PanicGuard group, is a London based company that exists to keep people safe at work and at home.

We build technology that protects people from visible and invisible threats, using mobile app technology and connected devices.

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