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Unfortunately, in some sectors, staff are regularly attacked in the workplace by disgruntled customers, service providers, third parties and even their co-workers.

According to data, there’s a physical assault on a paramedic in London every day. There have been even been recent reports of attacks against fast-food staff.

Staff who work remotely are most at risk because they are often on their own, which makes them vulnerable. However, any staff member can become a victim of an attack. Fortunately, higher levels of employee protection are available. Zecure app, for instance, allows your employees to alert your management team of an incident or if they feel unsafe during working hours. This handy app can be used at any location so that you can respond accordingly.

You might also want to take action after the incident to prosecute those who threatened your staff. By using the Zecure app, when staff feel vulnerable and need assistance, not only is your office and emergency services informed, but the incident will also be recorded. These recordings include video and audio of the incident which can be used as evidence that could be vital if there is a prosecution.

However, while it is important to use employee protection apps like Zecure to offer protection and prosecute offenders, this is a reactive solution. You also need to have a proactive solution that can help staff avoid potential attacks.

Train staff to avoid conflict

One of the most important things that you should be doing to protect your staff is giving them adequate training. Part of this training should include how they can avoid conflict with third parties (customers, other professionals, etc.) and how they can de-escalate situations that are getting out of hand. While theoretical lessons have their place within the training environment, a lot can be learnt from real-life situations.

Staff should also be debriefed after an incident and key learning points should be noted by senior managers, trainers and analysts. These learning points can then be used to provide training to avoid future incidents.

Reducing conflict prevents staff absence

By offering training to staff, you can prevent incidents from happening while staff are working with the public. Conflict can be a cause of staff absenteeism, so by providing staff with the right training and offering them protection through Zecure, you can reduce sick days and cut down on business costs.

Contact the experts

You should always analyse past incidents to see where staff could improve their behaviour to avoid future conflicts and stay safe. This training is vital for the safety of the team and should be done regularly. However, training isn’t always going to be completely effective, so when all else fails, Zecure can be there to protect your staff when a threat arises.

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