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As a health and safety manager or business owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure employees under your care have high morale and feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. If you are looking for ways to boost employee morale, perhaps after a workplace incident or a long period of employee absence, you may wish to consider health and safety technology, such as a personal safety app. Below, we outline the ways personal safety apps can improve the morale of employees.

1. Value

When you invest in technology that has a primary function of improving the health and safety of your employees, your employees will feel valued and important. For example, if an employee has recently been rejected for a promotion, introducing them to a personal safety app will remind them that the company still values and cares about them, despite them not progressing at this current time.

2. Reduce employee tension

A recent study found that 35% of employees reported experiencing interpersonal conflict at work. 28% of participants in the study also admitted to receiving verbal abuse or insults during a workplace conflict.

Workplace conflicts between two employees can be extremely difficult for HR teams to navigate as they usually involve one person’s word against another and typically lower employee morale. With personal safety apps, employees can record audio and video evidence during employee conflicts, allowing the conflict to be resolved more easily as the truth will be evident.

3. Retain valuable staff

Businesses in industries such as security and hospitality can often lose valuable employees due to employees feeling unsafe or vulnerable whilst at work. Employees resigning due to safety concerns can significantly lower morale among your other employees. Ensuring your employees have access to health and safety technology, such as a personal safety app, can help you retain important members of your team and boost morale.

For example, if an employee feels harassed by a customer whilst working in a hospitality role, they can use the safety app to alert local authorities and other employees to their situation. This will prevent the situation from escalating and will also help employees to feel safe and confident, as their personal safety app will help to protect them.

4. Reduce stress levels

Stress is one of the main culprits of causing low employee morale. Talk to your employees about what may be causing them stress in the workplace and utilise safety technology to help you reduce it. For example, if employees feel stressed about negative interactions with customers, explain how the personal safety app you are introducing can help to record evidence for employees and protect them.

Boost the morale of your team today with Zecure

If you would like to learn more about health and safety technology and its relationship with employee morale, please contact Zecure today. We have created a personal safety app that will not only improve health and safety practices within your workplace but the morale of your employees also.


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