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Technology can be a bit of a double-edged sword; while there’s no doubt that technology has made huge improvements to quality of life across the world, it still has many critics. For one, technology is often lambasted as a crutch which too many of us rely on daily, making real human connections something of a rarity and meaning that our phones and tablets spend more time in front of us than our friends do.

But this doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t have a vital role to play when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. From the huge number of online mental health resources available to live chat and support that can be offered via the web, it’s clear that technology has a role to play here. So how can we find the right balance?

Choose the right tech

Be picky when you’re choosing which tech to adopt in the workplace. If it’s not 100% useful, find something else that is. There’s no point wasting your time, or your employees’ time, with tech which ultimately becomes just more bureaucracy. Find something people are really engaged with and interested in using. For example, did you know that a survey in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found 76% of respondents would be interested in free apps which aim to improve mental health?

Put quality over quantity

Just because an app does tons of things, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best thing ever for your employees – it could just lead to more time spent on phones and devices and less time spent working and collaborating. Instead, look for apps and tech which put a focus on high-quality support that counts when it really matters.

Don’t forget face-to-face connections

No technology should ever replace face-to-face interactions. If you’re using tech to streamline and manage mental health in the workplace to such a degree that you never see your employees in person any more, you need to adjust your model to ensure that both kinds of interactions happen. Safety technology can be a huge help for larger companies looking for as many ways as possible to ensure that all of their staff’s needs are met, but it doesn’t replace traditional, one-to-one training and support.

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