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25 March 2021

Zecure Offers A New App-roach To Child Safety In Wandsworth

For many parents, the return to school brings with it a combination of relief and anxiety.  While resuming normal life is incredibly important, for parents within London it brings with it very real concerns about child safety.  Crime – including knife crime – is an ever-present threat for children and young people in the UK, especially within London boroughs. This, combined with the tragic news of the murder of Sarah Everard in Clapham, brings to light that personal safety, especially the safety of children and young people, has never been more of a concern. SAAS company,  Zecure, aims to provide a safety net for school age children with the release of its Zecure app to all school children within the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Tackling crime one app at a time

Zecure’s partnership with Wandsworth Council has been created to help keep children and young people safe in Wandsworth after it was reported that the current patrols were simply not enough.  The partnership – launched in conjunction with Wandsworth Council and the Metropolitan Police Service – provides all school children living within the borough, with access to Zecure, a comprehensive personal safety app which combines an easy to activate alarm with video and sound recording in addition to parental alerts.  The next generation of security for young people, Zecure is free to download and use, and can be activated by simply holding down a panic button or shaking the phone.

Cllr Jonathan Cook, Chairman of the Wandsworth Safer Neighbourhood Board says, “Reports of robberies on schoolchildren are thankfully rare, but we wanted to find a way to give families peace of mind.  We believe this is the first partnership of its kind in the UK and we hope it helps children stay safe”.

Safe and Zecure

The Zecure app harnesses the same technology as security apps used by British Airways, Savills and BlackRock and, in addition to helping to keep children safe, assists the police in tracking local crimes as well as contributing to a heatmap of hotspots and dangerous areas in the borough.  Zecure was brought to life by Wandsworth parent, Mikkel Dissing, after his son was mugged twice on Wandsworth Common.  Mikkel says, “As a Wandsworth parent, I understand the need to protect our children from crime in the area and, I’m delighted to be able to offer children and their parents peace of mind through the Zecure app”.

Free and fast to download from the app store, children of Wandsworth simply register using the Wandsworth-specific six digit code: WANSAF.

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About Zecure

Zecure is introduced by the same people who created the essential Hollie Guard app which helps to safeguard women while out and about alone.  The Zecure app is designed and tested to work in dangerous and stressful situations, offering the reassurance one deserves at the simple touch of a smart device.

Wandsworth parents are also able to receive further information and updates on personal safety advice by signing up to Wandsworth Schools Watch HERE.   

For more information about Zecure, or to start your free 14 day trial, visit here.

For press enquiries, contact: Mikkel Dissing, CEO,