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Many companies and organisations are now taking their employee’s health and safety concerns more seriously than ever before. In 2021, the workplace has changed drastically for employees in various industries, with remote working, new PPE requirements and social distancing protocols. As businesses start to open their doors and workers return to offices, factories or shops, employees may need greater support in this new environment.

As we start to go back to normality in the UK, is your health and safety policy up to scratch? Here are some essential things you need to consider when considering employee health and safety in 2021.

Transitioning back to the workplace

According to research carried out by LinkedIn, less than a quarter of UK workers (24%) would willingly return to work as soon as it reopens, so it is more important than ever to reassure staff about safety in the workplace. We now also have far more information about the hazards of different industries, jobs, and environments readily available to us. In a range of industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality/tourism, working environments have become increasingly unsafe over time because they weren’t designed for the level of work, people and productivity that we demand from them today. As capacity returns to pre-pandemic levels, health and safety guidelines must be clearly communicated with staff returning to the workplace.

A more holistic approach to employee safety

We have also become more aware of the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and health and safety guidelines can also prioritise employee mental health and reducing work stress. With new health and safety concerns in a range of industries, it’s worth considering how you can ensure your business is up to date with its policies as we head into 2021. A photocopy of an outdated manual won’t cut it when it comes to employee protections, and businesses need to adapt.

Utilising new technology to improve health and safety procedures

Technology has become an integral part of the modern workplace, with employees increasingly dependent on their devices for day-to-day operations. In recent years many UK companies have been able to rely on Health & Safety apps like Zecure to help them stay compliant with legislation and ensure employees safety. These applications have been designed to help users complete health and safety assessments, call for assistance, record information, video incidents, and raise the alarm in case of emergency. As nearly every employee will have a smartphone, this provides an opportunity for managers and HR departments to implement more innovative and practical health and safety measures, like personal safety apps. Zecure is a smartphone app that provides workers with assistance when they need it, whether it’s due to an emergency or simply if they need extra help and support while travelling in an unfamiliar area.

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