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Many hospitality businesses were forced to quickly adapt their business practices during the COVID-19 lockdown. For example, limiting the number of customers in a venue, restricting table numbers and rotating staff quickly became the norm. In light of passing the milestone of ‘freedom day’ (Butler, 2021), many of these practices need to be evaluated. Health and safety managers should also consider whether the policies they enforce are still relevant and address the needs of hospitality employees and customers in a post-lockdown world. Some of the top considerations that health and safety managers should consider include…

1. Better alarm raising systems

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that fast reactions are essential to limit and contain dangerous situations. Should a member of your staff identify something suspicious, they should be able to raise an alarm in a matter of seconds, not minutes. Whether they suspect someone is bringing in dangerous substances into the hospitality venue or have identified an argument that may spiral into a physical altercation, it’s important to manage these issues before they have the opportunity to become extensive problems.

2. Improved employee traceability

Although we may be in a post-lockdown world, we are not yet in a post-COVID world. For this reason, employee movements and interactions must be closely monitored and documented so should a hospitality venue receive a positive COVID-19 result for an employee, they will be able to quickly and efficiently identify and remove employees who have been in close contact with this individual, to prevent further employee risks or staffing issues (Barrie, 2021). For example, employees can use wearable health and safety technology to accurately plan and monitor their journeys around a hospitality venue.

3. Enhanced employee protection

In verbal or even physical altercations between customers and hospitality staff members, it is one person’s word against another. After potentially being furloughed for many months, some hospitality workers may return to work with greater fear and be scared of finding themselves in a threatening situation. If health and safety managers issue employees with technology that allows an individual to record audio and video with ease, they will feel safer should they have to deal with a difficult or abusive customer. This will also ensure that should the incident escalate to be a police matter, the employee will have sufficient evidence to prove their innocence.

In addition to recording capabilities, employees should also be given access to discreet panic buttons that will flag their location and notify other employees close by that their assistance is needed. This will ensure that even when an employee is working alone, they never feel isolated.

Develop your health and safety practices today with Zecure

If you would like to adapt and develop your health and safety practices in response to a post-lockdown environment, contact Zecure today. We have created an enterprise personal safety app and wearable technology that allows employee movements to be tracked and provides enhanced employee protection. To discuss the needs of the hospitality business you provide health and safety services for, get in touch with our team today.


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