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Employee absenteeism currently costs UK businesses £16.2 billion a year, with that number set to rise to a staggering £26 billion by 2030. This translates to around £500 per employee, and an average of more than 4 annual sick days. The good news is that there are a number of ways to tackle this. We take a look at some of the biggest issues affecting employee absenteeism below and suggest how you can prevent these costs.

Health and safety

Of course, the number one recommendation to reduce absenteeism is to avoid sickness and injury. Health and safety is a major consideration for any business, and Zecure can help in keeping your workforce safe and well. Users can track journeys, raise alerts and record evidence and much more with our easy to use app.

Workload and overtime

Constantly expecting employees to work overtime is never going to make your workforce feel satisfied with their job. Likewise, if their workload is too much or they’re always being asked to cover for other members of staff, they are not going to be happy. And it’s not just the employees that have to suffer the consequences – overtime can cost millions of pounds for the company. Make sure the work is balanced across the workforce and that working hours are monitored.

Low morale and disengagement

When employees don’t feel valued, they stop putting effort in. If we do not take the time to appreciate their hard work, it’s easy for them to feel like they do not matter. Giving them a voice with the Zecure app shows you care about your staff and are willing to address any problems they may have. Equally, if employees are under performing, it’s important that companies respond with compassion and get to the bottom of their reduced productivity, rather than reprimanding them or ignoring it completely.

With staff absences costing billions of pounds each year, it’s no wonder companies are scrambling to find solutions. With Zecure, you can offer your workforce a host of features that will benefit their health and safety and emphasise their importance to your business.

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