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Health and safety in the workplace is a two-sided coin. First and foremost, proper health and safety measures must be implemented by management to ensure that all staff are working in an environment that is designed with their health and safety in mind. Whether this means installing handrails in an office or enforcing strict operational regulations in a warehouse, health and safety can look a little different from workplace to workplace.

But management is only one side of the story. Staff and employees must be empowered to take their health and safety into their own hands; not only will this keep your staff engaged on the topic of health and safety, but it encourages employees to take personal responsibility for the well-being of themselves and those around them.

Health and safety tech

Technology is helping employees to engage in the workplace in more areas than just health and safety (Deloitte Insights, 2019). Health and safety apps like Zecure give employees the power to take control of their own health at work. Not only does this encourage employees to engage more with workplace health and safety, knowing it’s something that they themselves can directly interface with via the app, but it also sends a clear message to staff that their health is important to their employers.

Can an app really make a big difference?

Apps like Zecure aren’t to be used in a health and safety vacuum; they need to be combined with proper health and safety training to ensure that all staff understand health and safety protocol and know-how and when to use the app in an emergency. But an app is a simple and cost-effective way to make it clear that every staff member is partially responsible for keeping their workplace safe; while some staff might groan at the mention of any small extra responsibility, you might be surprised to find how many staff appreciate the opportunity to have more control over their own safety at work.

Data that drives decisions

Using tech in the workplace isn’t just about keeping your staff safe in the present; it’s also about keeping them even safer in the future. Data collected from apps like Zecure can be used to drive data-driven decision-making on health and safety policies. Using data from the app, management teams can accurately identify the most dangerous hazards and risks that employees face and use this data to improve health and safety and implement better safety measures to reduce risk in the future.

How Zecure can empower your staff and make a difference

Over 1.6 million injuries take place in UK workplaces every year (HSE, 2020). As management, the only way to empower staff to take responsibility for health and safety is by giving them the resources to do so; from PPE to health and safety apps, let your staff experience autonomy in the workplace today.


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