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All employees are at risk of workplace accidents, to a greater or lesser degree. In fact, 65,427 employee injuries were reported under RIDDOR between 2019 and 2020. The most important thing you need to do when an accident does occur is to seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible.

Why is rapid response so important?

Responding quickly to an accident in the workplace or during working hours on external premises is essential because it improves the chance of a fast recovery. Depending on the severity of the accident, it may even help improve chances of survival. The sooner the injured individual begins to receive medical attention, the better the odds they will make a more comprehensive recovery. It also ensures that the accident area can be appropriately cordoned off, investigated, and cleaned up if necessary to mitigate further accidents.

Embracing technology developments

Through the use of a personal safety app, like Zecure, you can ensure higher levels of employee protection. For example, the Zecure app has inbuilt video and audio recording capabilities, triggered by the perception of an accident. A dedicated team can then review the footage immediately and determine the incident’s severity. If medical attention is required, they can dispatch appropriate emergency services.

This benefits you as a business owner or manager because it means you now have much more information regarding the safety of your employees. You can get real-time alerts when a potential accident has happened, allowing you to take appropriate action. This applies whether your employee is on your premises or not, as wherever they go they will have the same level of protection.

The use of a dedicated employee protection app will also allow you to better tailor your risk mitigation strategies. The best way to deal with an accident is to do everything you can to avoid it happening at all. An app can be used to alert employees of potentially high-risk areas and dangers they might encounter, whether it’s in your premises or as a part of their daily work in the outside world.

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