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According to HSE, an estimated 828,000 workers were affected by work-related depression, stress or anxiety in 2019/2020. This represents a staggering 17.9 million working days lost (HSE, 2020). If you’re worried about workplace anxiety among your employees, carry on reading for some ways you can help.

Make employee well-being your top priority

Employees want reassurance that their companies will put their needs first whenever possible, especially in difficult times, so consider implementing an employee wellness policy. This should encompass their physical, emotional and social wellness and could cover things like encouraging them to finish work on time, take the annual leave they’re owed and get more active outside of the office.

Share accurate and transparent information

COVID-19 has been a challenging time for everyone, which is why you should make sure all of your employees are updated regularly on any business developments. Not only does this help to build trust, but it offers peace of mind and enables open communication, which is essential during challenging economic periods. Keeping your employees out of the loop will only heighten their anxiety, especially if they fear they are going to lose their jobs.

Invest in a personal safety app

There are a number of reasons why employees might suffer from workplace anxiety (Psychreg, 2019), including heavy workloads, job insecurity, risk of injuries, conflicts with co-workers or customers and long hours. Personal safety apps are designed to allow your employees to raise alerts when they believe they are in danger, have injured themselves or are suffering from increased feelings of anxiety and stress. While we all hope our staff never have to raise an alarm, simply knowing the app is there can be a real comfort and allay their fears.

Other ways to help your employees deal with workplace anxiety

Celebrate success

Take a moment to celebrate your employees’ good work before moving on to your next project.

Set boundaries

Make sure your employees know you don’t expect them to take work home or answer emails and phone calls out of office hours.

Encourage open communication

It’s important that your employees feel they can turn to you for support, so let them know they can confide in you and that you will listen to their concerns.

For more information about our personal safety app or workplace health and safety in general, contact us at Zecure today.

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