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Workplace anxiety can have a variety of diverse causes but always has a significant impact on emotional, and even physical, wellbeing. Bullying in the workplace, the stress of working to tight deadlines and a lack of organised support can all be detrimental to employees, especially when they feel like they have no recourse to improve the situation.

However, in the modern world, technology provides an excellent solution to health and safety concerns surrounding mental health and there are several ways to employ technology in the battle to ensure that workers are safe, healthy and emotionally protected.

Use technology to take some of the pressure off workers

When workers are overworked and overtired, this can directly impact their emotional wellbeing. By using automation and technology to assist them in their jobs, you will alleviate some of that pressure. For example, providing a streamlined, automated data input system can result in employees spending less time manually performing tasks when their attention could be better used elsewhere.

Mindfulness and wellbeing apps

Relaxation and stress management in the workplace is an excellent way to ensure that your employees feel their best. If they feel good, they will deliver their best work, which is ultimately good for your company’s bottom line. Encouraging employees to utilise mindfulness and relaxation apps, both in the workplace and outside of it, is a great way to optimise their health. Providing a “wellness room” on your premises can augment this too.

Bespoke apps provide a tailored solution

Building a bespoke app can be an ideal solution to help meet the mental health requirements of your employees. It can also help to improve the workplace atmosphere and even boost productivity by up to 13%, as happy workers are more productive in their roles [, (2019), Happy workers are 13% more productive, available at Accessed 19/04/21].

Bespoke apps can offer features such as flagging instances of bullying and reporting feelings of stress and low mood, giving your company the data and tools required to improve the mental health and wellbeing of your staff.

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