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Diversity and Inclusion

Increased workplace diversity has proven to be a key element to greater success and better sales performances. 

One of the main benefits of a diverse workforce is enhanced retention rates. Diversity and inclusion at work makes everybody feel better; it helps you hold onto talent which ultimately helps you hold onto clients. 

Even as I lay the facts out in this article, I know that there are many companies out there struggling to hire a diverse workforce. What’s more; even if the business is diverse, sometimes businesses fall short in the area of inclusion.

Technology can help to implement diversity and increase the effectiveness of HR and recruitment. Here’s how: 

Removing barriers

Technology is making it easier to reduce discrimination. It provides greater insight into members of staff and potential members of staff, and it offers a better level of transparency. 

Technology can seek out talent, but it can also work at every level of the recruitment process and the HR process once you have employed the prospective candidate.

If you put an advert out, you’re able to see what type of people you are attracting with your marketing; you can see how each department views and gives feedback on candidates; you can monitor job offer rates. 

All of this information helps to uncover potential workplace bias; unconscious or not. From this point, you can start to implement changes and watch to see whether your changes (from diversity training to a different marketing approach) are helping as you hoped. 



Did you know 1 in 10 people in the UK have dyslexia? By only offering people one way to apply for a job, you are missing out on some amazing talent. Talking technology has made a huge impact to people who struggle to write and has made the recruitment process much more inclusive. 

Recent statistics have also shown that diverse groups outperform non-diverse groups in employment situations. It’s becoming more and more paramount to attract diverse talent, and I really do believe that technology can assist with it.

Yes, we are making strides forward, but we’ve got a long way to go. We have the technology to continually monitor the inclusion of our companies. It’s at our fingertips and it’s there for the taking. Analytics are a vital part of an inclusive workplace and staying on top of the information you’re being given is all that it takes to take huge leaps in this area. 

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