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There are multiple devices which are on the verge of revolutionising personal protective equipment (PPE) in the electrical sector, as well as other high-risk industries such as construction and mining.

They come in the form of wearables, which are proving effective in protecting contractors from the danger of electrocution.

Among the devices are voltage sensors which are worn on the wrist (1) that are able to detect energised equipment. Once the device is alerted to the presence, it notifies the user. The device is able to do this by gauging the proximity of the user to the energised device and using multi-sensory alerts to notify the wearer as soon as they enter the warning zone. It will also alert them if they have breached the limit of approach.

Once the alert has taken place, the device can then send a notification to contractors via a smartphone to let them know what the warning concerned, and where it took place. This provides important data to the organisation responsible for health and safety at the site. With this new wave of device, PPE can encompass front line safety via smart protection and data analysis, to offer benefits in the short and long term.

What else?

Smart PPE in the electrical sector also uses helmets which can connect to Bluetooth and send safety information to wearers, as well as others on site. They also perform the key tasks of collecting data and adjusting to different conditions. There is software available that can integrate the data from various wearables via Bluetooth, and facilitate the exchange of information between devices.

There are face masks which are able to make communicating easier in environments which are loud; smart lockout devices that use laser technology to prevent injuries related to equipment; PPE clothing which includes sensors that can detect chemicals, gas, sound or heat; and smart tech sensors that are able to adjust heating and cooling devices according to body temperature.

As you can see, the electrical sector is awash with devices that can make the job of workers safer – and that can only be a good thing for employee protection!


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