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SaaS tools provide solutions for the challenges you face when enforcing and monitoring health and safety standards, such as…

Employee Engagement

An employee’s commitment and desire to fulfil organisational goals is essential for business. However, employees may or may not feel engaged depending on the nature of the workplace. Disengaged employees are more likely to evade monitoring, give false reports, and also disregard safety policies.

SaaS tools provide forums where employees can communicate their needs and challenges without the fear of contacting managers directly (Scace, 2019). As the manager, you can then use this information to address problems and improve employee engagement (SHRM, n.d.).

Employees Ignoring Rules

Enforcing health and safety policies requires effort from H&S managers and employees. Unfortunately, some employees may disregard rules willingly, and other workers may fail to report on these situations. The lack of reporting or provision of false reports may be due to fear of punishment from supervisors, social pressure, and ingrained biases (Scace, 2017).

With the right communication tools, you can train your employees on the need for accurate reporting, honest communication, and a platform where employees can reach out anonymously and directly. You can then educate or punish accordingly.

Efficient Communication 

Communicating emergencies, changes in timetables and shifts, policies, and management, can help your workers adjust to changes quickly. SaaS tools can help you send instant messages to every employee and also request immediate feedback for swift decisions (Deloitte Ukraine, 2020).

Training During COVID-19

Due to current social distancing measures, utilizing collaboration tools can help you ensure remote training for workers and set up physical training on different dates for all workers (Tolli, 2020).

Managing Remote Workers 

As you continue to enforce social distancing at the workplace, it may be challenging to track every employee and ensure safety. However, with the right SaaS tool, you can track your worker’s location, primarily when they work in dangerous conditions, monitor progress via video, and receive emergency alarms in case of an injury. With a comprehensive alert system, the employee can also send alerts to their emergency contacts who can help out.

Authentic Information 

When accidents happen, it may be challenging to get a real account of events, especially if you only have employee testimonies. With a modern SaaS tool, you can make automatic video and audio recordings of the events. Accurate records can help you compensate an employee accordingly, settle disputes, eliminate hazards, and establish a culture of honesty and accountability.

We’ve put together a white paper that explains the role of SaaS in Health and Safety. We also share the Zecure features that are helping companies in the public, private and non-profit sectors to take control of their comms and protect their people and operations.